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Tank Mechanic Simulator Xbox One/Series X|S Key XOne

✨ Tank Mechanic Simulator XBOX KEY

✅ Original Microsoft key.

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⭐ Can be played on Xbox One Xbox Series X|S

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✅ Full game activation instructions.

✅ Support during activation, if you encounter any problems.

✅ Possibility to activate the game from your computer or phone.

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Become a tank mechanic, build, repair, and meticulously restore tanks (German, American, or Soviet), armored vehicles, or World War II self-propelled guns.

Find abandoned or destroyed tanks from World War II battlefields. Use special tools to locate and extract the tank from the ground. Expand your workshop and open your own tank museum.

Start the engine of a tank refurbished with your own hands and feel its former power! – Use tools to work on the tank: – Rust remover – Sandblaster – Paint gun – Hammer – Grinder – for cutting and grinding – Screwdriver – to quickly disassemble rusty screws

Carry out the complete renovation process: – Wash the mud off the tank – Rustproof the tank – Sandblast the tank – Apply primer paint to the tank – Apply final (factory) paint to the tank – Add your own color, camouflage, or decals in the paint shop – Sell the tank or move it to the museum to earn money and gain reputation

Disassemble the tank Use tools to disassemble the tank. You can disassemble external parts from the bottom of the tank (wheels, suspension, tracks) moving up to the turret (gun, barrel, gun carriage, etc.). Additionally, the tank’s interior is also possible to repair, including the crew compartment, tank engine, and drive/fuel system.

Take a place inside the tank as its crew member. From this position, you will have better access to various internal parts of the tank. Repair hatches, periscopes, ammo containers, control systems, and gearbox components.

To start the tank, you need to repair its engine, gearbox, and fuel system. Remove the engine from the tank, transfer it to a special stand to interact with it. Make sure that the fuel, cooling, and oil systems are installed before attempting to start the engine.

Detail-oriented To create tank and vehicle models that players can repair, we used real technical documents and relied on the opinions and experience of experts from real tank museums.

Customize the appearance of the tank according to your own idea – choose camouflage, place stickers (e.g., insignia). Find and extract tanks One way to acquire a tank is to find it during extraction missions. Once you locate the tank’s resting place, summon the extraction team. Prepare the tank for extraction by pumping out mud and washing away the remnants. Finally, instruct to place the tank on a truck to complete the extraction mission and move the tank to the workshop.

Test your tanks Transfer your tank to the test drive location. Enter the tank, start the engine, and then see how the tank handles various obstacles.

You can also take the tank to the shooting range, where you have the opportunity to shoot with the onboard weapon of the vehicle. To do this, you can use two camera modes for better control of the tank.

Game features: – 15 vehicles, including 12 tanks, 2 armored vehicles, and 1 self-propelled gun: – PzKpfw VI Tiger Ausf. H1 – M4A3E8 Sherman – PzKpfw III Ausf. M – KV-1 – M26 Pershing – KV-2 – T-34/85 – T-34/76 – PzKpfw III Ausf. J – StuG 40 Ausf. G – PzKpfw IV Ausf. G – M10 GMC Wolverine – PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. A – SdKfz 251/1 Ausf. D – M3 Halftrack – German, American, and Soviet vehicles – Each vehicle consisting of about 200 parts – Unlimited customization options for the tank by choosing paint color, camouflage, and stickers – Ability to share and download materials for customizing tanks – Option to use various tools for tank restoration: hammer, rust remover, sandblaster, paint gun, screwdriver – Detailed tank renovation process: mud, rust, dirt, sandblasting, primer, and final paint – Ability to interact with external and internal tank parts, engine, fuel system, and gearbox, wheels, suspension, and tracks – Ability to conduct a tank test if the tank has all fluids replenished. Move it to the test drive area, start the engine, and test it! – Ability to take the tank to the shooting range, shoot from a fully refurbished and assembled tank – Ability to extract the tank from the ground using special tools: metal detector, magnetometer, drone, and shovel. Find the tank location, commission extraction, clean the tank, move the tank to a truck – Sell renovated tanks or open your own museum

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